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Embrace the Latinx professional superpowers.

In just a matter of several years, Latinx will be a third of the US population! When you look around the corporate world, it is very clear that we are not ready for that. Latinx professionals have very high aspirations. As we start our journeys we tend to adjust and mold ourselves with the hope to fit in and achieve success. That path is exhausting and still can leave us feeling invisible without clarity on how to achieve our goals. One major cause is that we are leaving behind a huge part of ourselves, the (foundation) of what enable us to play to our strengths, make an impact helping both the organization and ourselves reach unlimited success.

In this speech, Jennie shares with humor, passion, and transparency her journey from living in Puerto Rico, attending grad school in the USA, and growing as a Sr. Leader in the corporate world.

In this energetic and inspiring speech, Jennie:
• Shares her top 5 powerful learnings to enable rewarding success.
• Uncovers the assets of Latinx superpowers that enables organizations to thrive.
• Empowering leaders and their teams to take intentional action towards a more inclusive workplace.

The transformation from feeling like a "board game piece" to being in total control of her journey has been extremely liberating and she cannot wait to share it with you!

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Be an Intentional Unicorn… the key to own your success!

The confidence that emerges from the realization of your super-powers fuels and accelerates an exciting growing journey. For many years I felt like I stood out like a unicorn but not always for the right reasons. It was not until I received life changing guidance from a mentor that I realized how to embrace all sides of me. The energy that we spend trying to fit in should be re-channeled to be the best version of ourselves. Once we uncover and own our uniqueness we can unleash the inner power to grow to levels we never thought were possible.

In this speech, Jennie:

  • Shares personal stories to bring light to a real dimension and meaning of true Diversity and Inclusion.

  • Reveals a simple 5 step approach to uncover and nurture your “UNI-que” unicorn superpowers.

  • Inspires the audience to be unapologetically proud of who they are and bring their entire selves to everything they do!

Customized Keynote

I work directly with the client to design a keynote to help empower their audience. 


Recents examples include: "Thrive with Mentoring", "Advancing Gender Equality in Masculine Occupations: COVID 19 Insights", and others.

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"When you are at your best, you can lead and love at your best."

- Jennie López

Discover Your


In this workshop, participants will learn how to discover

and amplify their superpower intentionally to add

momentum to their career journey.

Enabling Trust...

The Win-Win Approach

In this dynamic workshop, the participants will learn and appreciate how trust plays a key ingredient in personal wellbeing and team engagement which will translate into a thriving organization.

Unshakeable Confidence

In this workshop, participants will learn mindset hacks and proven strategies to gain the personal confidence needed to help them achieve their personal goals.

Custom Workshop

A personally designed workshop in alignment to the client's need.

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