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1: 1 Coaching & Group Mastermind


"Latinx: Unstuck Your Career"


Return on your personal investment:

          What I wish I knew sooner: 20 years of lessons learned; condensed

           into a 5 week program! 

          More than just what to do, but also how to do it: implementation and

          execution strategies.

          Much needed time to invest in yourself, which will pay off for years to       


          FIVE 1-1 personal coaching sessions to provide guidance on your     

          individual journey and plan. 

          ONE 1-1 accountability meeting a month after completion of your program

          to continue the momentum on your Game Plan.

          The best part? A magnified sense of confidence in your ability to drive your            journey.

Traditional career development programs focus on technical subjects, but neglect analyzing each individual mindset and optimizing their existing strengths.  In this coaching program participants will connect with their deeper why and unleash their own superpowers while navigating the unspoken mace of the corporate world (aka - What they don’t tell you!)  

In this program we will accomplish the following:

           Create clarity and get laser focused on what you want to achieve

           next in your career.


           Reveal unconscious habits that could be holding you down. Redirect the key               cultural traits towards your personal success. 


           Unlock your superpowers and personal brand to smash your career goals.


           Learn strategies on how to integrate both personal and professional

           priorities to live and enjoy the life you deserve.


           Create a Game Plan ready to execute to move the needle towards your

           next career goal.

This program can also be customized for a group setting.

"Latinx: Unstuck Your Career"  - 1:1 Coaching Program

Phone: 765-532-5593


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