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Empowering and coaching  organizations to leverage the Latinx professionals superpowers to maximize success

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In just a few years, Latinx will be a third of the US population! It is very clear that the corporate world is not prepared. Latinx culture is rich in incredible traits and “superpowers” that help organizations achieve unbelievable growth and success. Business are missing out on this competitive opportunity because of current norms and biases. Let’s close the gap… and take intentional actions for a greater future. I’m inspired by the future we can draft for generations to come (including my kids).


About Jennie López

Jennie López embodies "Bring Yourself to Work" in everything she does.

She empowers diversity and engages employees and organizations to achieve new highs.

Her superpower? Her authenticity! She realized that her strengths are a combination of her Latinx heritage, passions, and learnings from being a mom. Intentionally using her strengths has been the secret towards her personal and professional successful growth journey.  

Jennie is originally from Puerto Rico and moved to US to complete her Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering.  Her engineering career includes roles in both Manufacturing & Quality (including Site Head roles) and the business side (Sr. Leader & Chief Operating Officer). Jennie is also an executive board member for the Organization of Latinx at her company focusing on developing and accelerating Latinx talent.

In parallel she has also found success in her dancing and fitness careers. Her experiences include: Back up dancer for artist like Julio Iglesias and Ednita Nazario, TV shows, Superbowl Winning NFL Cheerleader/Captain, Fitness Instructor, Presenter and Zumba Master Trainer.

Jennie is frequently invited as a guest speaker at many local and national organizations and was awarded 2020 Working Mother of the Year.  She enjoys making intentional fun memories with her family Brad, Izzie, & Ethan- they are the WHY and fuel for everything she does.

After many years of working hard to hide her unicorn horn she realized that that’s where magic takes place. She is now proud of being an intentional unicorn and empowers all to do the same.

Book Review From Dr. Robert Rodriguez

"I have no doubt that this book will be widely influential as both a guide for individuals in their personal quest to reach their potential and as an outline for how organizations can tap the unprecedented reservoir of talent and determination that exists in the workplace."

-Dr. Robert Rodriguez

Dr. Rodriguez specializes in enterprise diversity strategy planning, employee resource group optimization and Latino talent management programs. Over 200 corporations have sought his expertise and consultation to develop proactive diversity initiatives that have a positive impact on business results. Hispanic Business magazine named Robert one of the Top 100 Most Influential Latinos in Corporate America.


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Be an Intentional Unicorn… the key
to own your success!

You are a true leader and love that you show your vulnerability so much. I can tell you that listening to your talk helped me realized some areas that I could do better. I love that you give real actionable items. We all have to keep working together and push to be the best we can as human beings and leaders.


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Phone: 765-532-5593


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